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A new way to FEEL EMPOWERED as a Leader, and a new way to create SUSTAINABLE WEALTH for you, and for your family.

women_empoweredLike me, you’ve probably tried the ‘old ways’ – of communicating, of educating, of relating, of leading, of wealth creation – and they just don’t fit. There’s no PASSION!


And if you’re like me, you want to FEEL PASSIONATE! You DON’T WANT TO COMPETE anymore. You want to FEEL SUPPORTED. You want to FEEL CONNECTED.

You want to feel like what you’re doing MATTERS.




Maybe you feel like YOU don’t fit!

If that’s you, I understand how you feel. I felt like that for a long time too. Because I was trying to do things in a paradigm that no longer resonated with me. But I didn’t understand that was what I was doing.

But the truth is …

You were born into this lifetime to QUESTION, to BE PASSIONATE, to EXPAND!


We all were.

But our society doesn’t always accommodate for that. And it’s conditioned us to believe otherwise.

Which has resulted in you, me, and all of us, holding BELIEFS we didn’t even know were holding us back from REALLY CREATING WHAT MATTERS … to You.

So I’m here to help you overcome those limiting beliefs.


Maybe you’ve already started to LIVE A LIFE THAT MATTERS TO YOU, and you want a little more support to believe you can keep doing it. Or maybe you’re ready to start and you know you need someone who believes in you more than you do.


Either way, you don’t want to buy into the Bullshit anymore. You want to


You want to believe it can be done, because you see others doing it, so you know it can be. You know you need a little more help with that, so it happens with more EASE AND GRACE.


no more bullshit

So, how do you do it?

Whether you’re the mother of children, the mother of a project, the mother of pets, YOU’RE A MOTHER. And when you connect with your Mother, you reconnect with what is TRULY IMPORTANT to you.

When you connect with your ‘Mother-ness’, you naturally begin to re-evaluate what is most important to you. Your ‘Mother-ness’ reconnects you with YOUR SOUL.

And Your Soul wants so much more than money to survive.

Your Soul wants ABUNDANCE to THRIVE.

Your Soul understands that ABUNDANCE is not just about MONEY.


And when we work together in COLLABORATION, and SUPPORT we can CREATE it.

Stepping out, and stepping up in the world all happens so much easier when you FEEL SUPPORTED!


support for women to fly, mentoring for women


That’s where the value of a mentor really counts.

Over the last 12 years I’ve negotiated a lot of the maze, and I want to help you do the same.

That’s what a mentor does.

A mentor may only need to be just a little further along the path than you in whatever your pursuit, and can help you get through those bits you’re not so sure about.

A mentor helps to keep you on track.

A mentor inspires you to keep going when it feels tougher than you would like.


Crossroads in lifeBecause when you stand at the beginning of this path of uncertainty and ‘newness’, and you KNOW it’s the right way, it’s still really SCARY! If you know there is someone who has done it already, and is willing to lend a helping hand – to ask the right questions, to provide food for thought, to give you tools that will help you feel a little SAFER and create TRUST- that makes it a little less daunting, doesn’t it?


So take a look around my website, and see whether I resonate with you.

Leave some comments if you resonate with my musings, and stay connected.


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