Teach your children to live with LOVE, HOPE and CONFIDENCE, and provide their learning in a way so that when they hear BEAUTIFUL things about themselves they BELIEVE them, so they have the STRENGTH to see the TRUTH in their beauty.

You can do this by Living True to Your Authentic Self. Because children learn from your example, not from your words.

It’s my mission in life to help you understand how you can best do it for you – not by telling you how to do it, but by asking you questions, which inspire you to travel inwardly and discover the answers from Your Deepest Self.

In 2015, the workshop Healthier Kids, Healthier Home, Happier You will be a regular program of The Centre For Resilient Leadership, of which I am a founder. I look forward to sharing more of what we have in store over the coming days.

And, I look forward to sharing more tips, tools, and having healthier discussions about how to raise our children on a healthier planet!

Love, Kirsty

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“After all this time, the sun never says to the moon, ‘You owe me’. Imagine how a love like that can light up the whole world.” – Rumi

Not Just Rememberance Day

Love, Joy, Compassion and Kindness go a long way every day.

loveI shared this post on Rememberance Day, November 11, on my Facebook timeline, and I received so much beautiful feedback I decided to share it with you on the blog.

I wrote it after ‘Lest We Forget‘, where I spoke of the significance of the 11.11 doorway. Enjoy …

Here’s why Rememberance Day is so important to me. And why I, personally, am placing a whole bunch of Love, Joy, Compassion and Kindness in to that doorway at 11am today. Seven and a half years ago, a man who was feeling a bit (no, a lot) broken returned to me from a war zone. Well, he didn’t actually fully return at that time – his complete return took several years.

But here’s the thing. I never, not once, bought in to the belief that there was anything wrong with him. There wasn’t. What he needed was someone to continue to affirm the fact that he was ALIVE! And what was necessary was for him to make a different DECISION about himself, and about this gift of a second chance at life. Because, let’s face it, things weren’t looking so bright before he got hit by the bomb.

Nope. I never ever bought into the entitlement, to the self-pity, to the belief that life was hell. I just loved him, as best I could. It didn’t always seem like a perfect love, but it was just what he needed. Sometimes it was pretty tough love actually.

And, little by little, he started to see what I was on about. And when he fully bought in to this fact that LIFE IS A GIFT (and he had been given an incredibly huge one!), our life together began to turn around. Now it is amazing, and my own love of life is ever-expanding, because of him. Because of you, James Greenshields.

And in the last couple of years, others have seen what he has done with his life, and have wanted to know how they can do the same. So he taught them how. They too are now turning their lives around and the people who love them are thankful. His program is Awakening The Warrior Within.

So here’s what I’m remembering today, at 11am.

I remember the miracle of Abi waking when James was hit by the bomb so we could help him come back to his body and begin the journey of healing.

I remember the miracle of conceiving our miracle Pene, in my first cycle after his return from Iraq.

I remember the miracle of falling in love all over again, with a man I had never met, because the old ‘us’ died somewhere along the way, so the new ‘us’ could create a life of joy together.


What will you remember?

How To Attract An Open-Hearted Man


couple-sunset-silhouette-caribbean-beach-weddingWe want a man who is romantic, who loves us and who shows us this love. We want a man who adores us and who is not afraid to tell us so. We want a man who is strong. A man who makes us feel protected and safe.

But have you ever found yourself being conditional when it begins to impinge on the ‘reality’ of life?

When a man begins to follow his bliss and truly open his heart, we begin to get scared. All of a sudden we realize we are not the centre of his world, because he has discovered who he is really living for.

Lest We Forget

Poppy-Field11.11.11. It’s Rememberance Day here in Australia. For so many Aussies, it’s a day to remember the sacrifices made for this beautiful country of ours, by courageous men and women throughout history.

Today, according to numerology, is also an ’11’ day (11.11.2014 – the numbers, when added together equal 11). 11 is a powerful number. It is considered a Master Number – a doorway if you like.

In numerology, the number 11 holds some powerful meanings:

Five Ways You Will Change The World. Yes You.

This world of ‘Money is Power‘ has been created because men did not feel safe. Over centuries of conditioning they disconnected from the(ir) feminine and have been attempting to regain a sense of control ever since. They created a warped sense of power, based upon ‘success’ and providing for ‘her’. Western women will change the world because we have a natural ability to lead in love. And as the song goes “What the world needs now ….” Here’s five ways you can recognise your ability to change the world right now.


Five Ways To Remove Your Suit of Armour

As you grow, things happen in your life, and you make decisions about those things. You decide they are ‘bad’ or ‘good’, and you have an emotional response. If you decide the incident is ‘bad’, and you have been wounded, you will most likely find a way to protect yourself, so you can feel safe again. In this blogtalk radio interview we discuss the ways in which you don a ‘suit of armour to protect yourself from similar events arising in the future, and how this limits you.

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