This is 40

view out my windowToday is my 40th birthday. This was the view out my window as I woke. So in addition to my usual daily ritual of gratitude, this morning I chose to reflect upon this point at each decade of my life. As I remembered, it struck me that at each point, on the 27th of March 1975, 1985, 1995 and 2005, I was right at the precipice of huge change in my life, which would result in a whole myriad of feelings across the spectrum, from great sorrow, to great joy and everything in between.

I’ve lived so many chapters, indeed, so many lives, in this short 40 year stay on earth so far. What a gift to break it down to individual decades, and remember the decisions I made, and the events that shaped me and my life.


So what? My conclusion, and my decision as to how to consciously live my life for the next 40 years and beyond, was that, as Forrest Gump says, “You never know what you’re gonna get”.

So you may as well live each moment to its fullest, relishing the highs and fully feeling and releasing the lows, whilst staying focused on the vision for your life.

It’s good to reflect, and I love to share my learnings of reflection, with the intention that those who read may also learn something of themselves.

My Vision is to LIVE with, and in, LOVE. To make a difference each day (which I know I do, simply by BEING me), to LOVE the MOTHER, and to TRUST the FATHER.



28ab37649a2d12805ec0b0ed360e2f4bOn 27th March 1975 I was born. Mum’s labour was painful and long. Coming down that birth canal was a struggle, but I persisted, and I made it. I needed to be helped a little with some forceps, but I allowed myself to be pulled into this world, and placed into the arms of my loving Mother.

I had no conscious idea about what would transpire in my life. My Soul knew but me as a human, no idea! So all I could do was eat, sleep, cry, and be loved.

As I grew my Mother, who represents The Mother, loved and nurtured me, and I received all she had to give, which was a lot.



On 27th March 1985 – my 10th birthday – I was about to experience the sorrow of parents’ separation. I had no idea, as it didn’t happen until a few months later. This part of my life was painful, as a 10 year old, as I wrote in detail in Women Money and Intimacy, but it created a whole new life for me.

We moved back to my home town, and my loving Mother created stability and security for her children (sometimes at the expense of her own happiness and comfort), so we could grow, and I could discover what a strong young woman I really was. I would make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and move in to the next chapter of my life.

My Trust in The Father in this decade had dwindled somewhat, so sadly I did not receive all The Mother had to give. Possibly I did not appreciate it. This decade set the scene for the next one, which would show me just how one can lose their way when they begin to distrust The Father.


On 27th March 1995 – my 20th birthday – I was almost about to meet my first husband. I met him a week or two afterward. I was in my second year at university and I had a promising career as an army officer ahead of me.

In the next few years I would graduate from university, experience the death of my grandfather (the one man in my life I believed I could count on), graduate from army college, get married, break my right ankle, run away from a marriage because I had lost my voice, and get divorced.

On the flip side though, I would also graduate with distinction, be offered a successful career, be highly regarded by most I worked with, find new love, re-marry, and begin again.

What an eventful 10 years that was! Throughout all of it, The Mother loved me, and The Father was there – I just couldn’t hear him because I was no longer listening. Throughout this chapter of my life I had lost all Trust in The Father.



kirsty greenshields, abigail greenshieldsOn 27th March 2005, I was about to find out that I was to partake in a miracle – the conception, pregnancy, and birth of an amazing human being. In that year I first started my business, and took a dream trip to Europe for six weeks (whilst pregnant), and gave birth.

My fourth decade in this world was a huge one. Here’s what I choose to remember:



– Moved home many times!

– Developed my skills and business in several locations

– Almost had another marriage break down, but didn’t

– Had a husband almost die, but didn’t, and return broken, but choose to rebuild himself and our marriage

– Begin an entirely new life

– Learn more than I could have imagined about how my DESIRE for life CREATES my life

– Wrote a book and reconciled my relationship with The Father, and therefore every man who has ever been, and ever will be, in my life

– Travelled eastern and central Australia, with only a ute and a camper trailer, with my family for almost 12 months

– Learned how to practice real magic

Who would have thought the fourth decade would be more eventful than the third decade?! But it was.


MotherEarth2I BECAME a Mother, so RECEIVED the Mother even more greatly, and loved her even more deeply. I learned that, when I TRUST The Father, listen to my Inner Guidance, and take the steps My Heart asks me to take, He will always be there.



On 27th March 2015, I sit here on my 40th birthday, feeling completely blessed. I have no doubt it is what is inside of me that creates this feeling, and that has created my magical surroundings.


I’ve learned to Receive, Love and Nurture The Mother, whilst at the same time Trusting, Listening and Knowing I am completely Protected by The Father.

As we live our lives in this way, and reconcile the Mother and Father wounds we decided to create within as a little girl, we cannot help but CREATE MAGIC.


It is why older women, when they choose to live consciously, are so wise. Because they have learned from their experiences, and take them with gay abandon into their lives to discover what they can learn next. I’m proud to be a young, older woman, with an expanse of life experience. I trust that whatever comes next will be exactly what I need to create more magic in my life.


They say these days that ‘Life Begins At 40’. If that’s the case, I’m excited about the next decade and what it brings! I will never cease to be amazed, because I choose to live a life of wonder.

Want to be a young, wise woman? Decide to trigger a conscious initiation with Embodying The Sacred Feminine Warrior.

How To Be Extraordinary

main-qimg-289bca588eaf1c305e4452663dd60215It’s time to Embrace Your ORDINARY EXTRAORDINARINESS. 

I want to challenge the notion that I have seen flying around lately by some coaches who say ‘think small’. I say “THINK BIG”, because that is your nature.

You CAN have it all because you ARE it all. 

Caroline Myss says we have CONTEMPT for the ORDINARY…

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Five Reasons To Learn The REAL Keys To Creative Leadership

WOMEN LEADERS … Here’s what I know. Creating what you want is simple, BUT …

For too long now, the versions of successful creation we’ve been sold remove essential steps so people can make it SOUND more simple. Because of this, although many of these methods come from truth, they have been DILUTED. As a result they can sabotage success, as we become discouraged when our visualisations are unsuccessful, or when our ‘magnetic attraction’ efforts result in financial failure. Instead of learning to create more effectively, often many turn away from our deeper calling.

Make no mistake, mindset and visualization ARE important elements of an integrated, balanced and grounded approach to manifestation, but they must be paired with many other elements.

Creating looks like MAGIC when it happens with grace, ease and alignment – this can happen when you learn to work with all levels and steps of the natural creative process. 


When you learn to create at all levels, a number of things happen …

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How To Answer Your Soul’s Calling – Lessons From a Tiny Hummingbird

What is a ‘Soul Calling’? We hear it bandied around a lot, but what does it actually mean?

The way I see it, a ‘Soul Calling’ is your personal recognition of the fact that

“You are alive, which means you have a purpose”.

So often, in this driven society, dominated by the pursuit of ‘success’, we believe our Purpose must be related with something big.  It must be connected to some HUGE thing in the world.

But is that the truth? Or is it possible this is all part of the illusion, designed to keep you feeling small and insignificant? Created so you believe you are too ordinary to make a difference?

Have you heard the story of the hummingbird? Allow me to share it with you, to emphasise a point …

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11 Ways To Say “I Love You”

WeddingIt’s my 11th wedding anniversary. Last year, and this year it seems, questions of ‘commitment’ have surfaced. Blaaaggghhh! Seriously?

Yep. Questions like

“How committed am I to see this through for the long haul?”

“How much more do I want to endure the ‘same old’ conversations?”

“Is this life of monogamy truly what I want?”


They’re all pretty full on questions, right? But I’m an honest person, so I’m honestly sharing them with you. My relationship is pretty great. It’s not perfect, but is any relationship perfect? Or maybe, no matter where you are in your relationship, it’s perfect if you’re prepared to see it as a vessel for your spiritual growth.

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How to uncover your real power.

Our world is in a phase of transition. More people are discovering that the old, masculine paradigms of competition, lies, deceit, lack of direction, are not what they want for our world anymore.

More and more men are becoming lost, because this supposed way of being a man – this illusion of ‘success’, which comes at the expense of the health of our Mother Earth – no longer resonates with them. And they’re not sure what to do with this ‘feeling’.

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Stop Kidding Yourself. What Do You Really Want?

It’s the time of ‘new year resolutions’. But it’s also the time of powerful cosmic movement, which is actually more important than a man-made concept of a time of year to start new things.

Whether you ‘believe’ in astrology or not, current cosmic movement offers the opportunity to release past conditioning and old belief patterns, which no longer serve you.

We all have these patterns. You know the ones …

They are those excuses we use to tell ourselves we ‘can’t’ do something when we really want to, or the things I tell myself I ‘should’ be doing, when it is actually the last thing I want to be doing!


“If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me!” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


These things you tell yourself LIMIT you.

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Teach your children to live with LOVE, HOPE and CONFIDENCE, and provide their learning in a way so that when they hear BEAUTIFUL things about themselves they BELIEVE them, so they have the STRENGTH to see the TRUTH in their beauty.

You can do this by Living True to Your Authentic Self. Because children learn from your example, not from your words.

It’s my mission in life to help you understand how you can best do it for you – not by telling you how to do it, but by asking you questions, which inspire you to travel inwardly and discover the answers from Your Deepest Self.

In 2015, the workshop Healthier Kids, Healthier Home, Happier You will be a regular program of The Centre For Resilient Leadership, of which I am a founder. I look forward to sharing more of what we have in store over the coming days.

And, I look forward to sharing more tips, tools, and having healthier discussions about how to raise our children on a healthier planet!

Love, Kirsty

champion children

“After all this time, the sun never says to the moon, ‘You owe me’. Imagine how a love like that can light up the whole world.” – Rumi